Nice review from StageDiveMalta

StageDiveMalta says:

“Literate pop is such a rarity that when a song does come along it raises my eyebrows, and Seaborne Spider did indeed cause some eyebrow liftage.

I know it’s lazy journalism, but I really could not help thinking about The Smiths. The lead vocalist has the same Morrisean drawl (and lyrical slant), while the music has that jangly 80′s drumbeat combination, with a dash of swaggering romanticism. But it’s the lyrics that are the clear winner, and they aren’t too obtuse either, for the melody keeps everything afloat. Think of this track as that friend who puts an arm round your shoulder and comforts you when you’re feeling a bit down.

Definitely a keeper of a track.”

New video for The Keeper

Behold, the beauty of yore. We put this together with out-of-copyright images found online.


More eye candy from our Youtube channel.

Youtube Channel Live Now

Our Youtube channel is now up and running. Check us out!. Below is the video for Add One To One.

Seaborne Spiders full-length now available

Download the record now! The full-length Seaborne Spiders album is available as a pay-what-you-wish/free download. Get it at our bandcamp or facebook pages.


DIY packaging, recycled paper

This is the cover of the record. We’re stamping, stickering, and putting these suckers together now!


Reunion is the first song on the forthcoming Seaborne Spiders record. Have a listen:

Reunion by Seaborne Spiders

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